Prosjekt Avdeling: Uni Research Computing (gruppe: Environmental Flow Group)

Om prosjektet

NORCOWE is an interdisciplinary resource center for exploitation of offshore wind energy as a natural sustainable energy source.

By combining Norwegian offshore technology and leading Danish and international communities on wind energy it provides innovative and cost efficient solutions and technology for large water depths and harsh offshore environments.

The goal is to help building strong clusters on offshore wind energy in Norway by developing new knowledge and by providing skilled persons for the industry.

The Environmental Flow Group at Uni Research Computing is an active partner of the project and in collaboration with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR), it is engaged in relevant activities on numerical modelling of atmospheric and oceanic processes. Uni Research Environment is also a partner and provides strong skills in environmental and biological monitoring, including environmental impact assessments of marine industrial activities. Uni Research Computing and BCCS focus instead on computational aspects of science, i.e. mathematical modelling, software engineering, and high performance/grid computing.

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