Regulation, control and auditing

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre period: 01.01.04 - 31.12.07

About the project

Over last years a comprehensive program of regulatory reform has been launched in Norway implying a fundamental review of supervisory agencies. At the same time external auditing and control is increasing due to the revitalization of legislative control and increased Europeanization. In spite of this focus on regulation, auditing and control these activities have not been subjected to research to any high extent in Norway. This project aims to examine and analyse how these new regulatory reforms and policies implying autonomous agencies are formulated, decided upon and implemented by examining them as political and not as technical phenomena. The theoretical basis is a broad institutional perspective.We are interested in the interplay between institutional and historical links, conscious and planned reform initiatives and the adjustment to external social forces such as Europeanisation and internationalisation.The research questions are formulated in four interrelated clusters: Comprehensive reforms with weak empirical foundation, the complex trade off between political control and agency autonomy, the regulation-reregulation complexity and the problem of role purification and coordination. The specific research areas are focusing on the emergence of a Norwegian regulatory policy, comparative studies of control and autonomy and studies of selected policy area and also legislative and EU related control. For further information please follow this link.