Nye storbyregioner - endret deltakelse? Borgere, partier og frivillighet

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre period: 01.08.06 - 31.12.09

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  • Christensen, Dag Arne; Strømsnes, Kristin Democracy or Do-ocracy: The Activist Group "Byen Vår" and the Mobilisation against Clear Channel in Bergen. I: New Forms of Citizen Participation. Normative Implications. Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft 2010 ISBN 978-3-8329-5240-2.. pages 147-160
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  • Christensen, Dag Arne; Midtbø, Tor; Aars, Jacob Contextualizing candidate popularity: An analysis of the 2007 Norwegian local elections. Uni Rokkansenteret 2010. 20 pages Rokkansenteret Notat(3)
  • Aars, Jacob; Christensen, Dag Arne; Midtbø, Tor Diversity, uniformity and urban political participation. Uni Rokkansenteret 2010. 23 pages Rokkansenteret Notat(04)
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