Evaluation of free treatment options

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (groups: Democracy, Civil Society and Public Administration, Health and Welfare ) period: 30.09.17 - 30.09.20

About the project

Free treatment choices (FBVs) will aim for reduction in waiting times, increased freedom for the patient and more effective hospitals. This project is aimed at evaluating the effects of the reform.

This project is based on methods that can identify the effects of a reform implemented simultaneously across the country, which makes it difficult to say how the development had alternatively progressed if the reform had not been introduced. Different difference-in-differential approaches use groups that, to a lesser extent, fall within the scope of the reforms to estimate how it had alternatively affected groups.

The project will also conduct qualitative, exploratory and descriptive studies, such as using focus interviews to illustrate the introduction of FBV.

Funding source: Norwegian Research Council

Contracting Party: University of Oslo

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