Providing integrated health care for older people

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Society, Environment and Culture) period: 01.05.13 - 30.04.16

About the project

The broad theme of this study is the preconditions and consequences of integration and co-operation across professions and institutions within the health care sector and between sectors at the local level. Our focus is on older people and we have chosen care pathways regarding treatment and rehabilitation of hip fractures as our empirical case. Within this framework we have prepared a multidisciplinary project, involving research institutions across several countries, which will study treatment, rehabilitation and preventive measures.

The project is organised in four modules.

In module 1 we explore the institutional framework for integrated health care through studies of the new contracts regarding co-operation between hospitals and municipalities.

In module 2 we investigate altered professional roles, co-operation across professions and across local departments in a Norwegian perspective and in an international perspective (2A+B).

Module 3 focuses on the clinical pathways and the clinical outcomes of integrated care, and module 4 is dedicated to the perspectives and experiences of the users (older patients and their relatives) and their interactions with the health care system.

We will base our analyses on register data, surveys, document analyses an d interviews.

The project will provide new knowledge on co-ordination and co-operation between the different levels of health and care services and between the older patients, their families and the local community.

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