Autonomy, Transparency and Management, three reform programs in health care: a comparative project

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre period: 01.01.03 - 31.10.08

About the project

The responsibility for the Norwegian public hospitals has been transferred from the counties to central government. Five regional health enterprises have been established, and there has been a reform in the rights of patients, and in the way hospital departments are to be managed. The aim of this project is to study such processes of reform and change within the Norwegian health care sector, make comparisons with Sweden, Denmark and other countries, and estimate the consequences for quality, cost efficiency and legitimacy. Three research areas are focussed: The ambition to establish autonomous organizational units, with a focus on the health enterprise. The dynamics involved in the strive for transparency, exemplified by the introduction of still more detailed instruments for monitoring of performance and quality, as well as patient's rights to be informed. Management and leadership. To establish a more professional and distinct managerial role at all levels is a major ambition for most of the recent reform programs. A comparative research design is employed - regional, cross-national and global - in order to analyze the relationship between reform activities, organizational changes and service provision. Prosjektbeskrivelse Hjemmeside for prosjektet og forskernettverket POLIS

Funding source: The Norwegian Research Council



  • Angell, Svein Ivar; Byrkjeflot, Haldor Dressing up hospitals as enterprises? The expansion and managerialization of communication in Norwegian Hospitals. I: Mediating Business. The Expansion of Business Journalism. Copenhagen Business School Press 2007 ISBN 978-87-630-0199-1.. pages 235-265
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