International Network for Subjective and Unexplained Health Complaints

Project Department: Uni Research Health (group: Stress, Health and Rehabilitation) period: from 14.08.02

About the project

The ISBM Committee for International Collaboration has established a network for the study of subjective and unexplained health complaints. 

Unexplained symptoms, or subjective complaints without objective findings, or where the complaints do not seem to correspond to the objective findings, are a frequent reason for encounter with the general practitioner, and a frequent source of sickness compensation. Traditional medicine seems to have little to offer except a preference for new diagnoses and new labels. The complaints seem to remain the same, with muscle pain, unspecific gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, dizziness, and slight mood changes as the most frequent. The prevalence is very high in the general population. Since there are few if any objective findings, the patients are often referred to psychiatric treatment. The condition affects the behavior and mood of the patient, but the psychiatric findings are also modest. Behavioral treatment programs may improve the condition, or, at least, the interpretation of the complaints.

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