Diversity recruitment

Project Department: Uni Research Health (group: Stress, Health and Rehabilitation) period: 01.02.16 - 31.01.19

About the project

The main goal for the project Diversity recruitment is to increase the knowledge of inclusion culture in Norwegian workplaces, and develop lasting model for cooperation between the practice field and the academic field, in order to increase the application of new knowledge. 

Many young people are, of different reasons, at risk of being excluded from work life. This has been an increasing trend the last 30 years, shown in the growing numbers of young people receiving disability benefits. 

Research on work participation among this group has traditionally taken the individual perspective. Although the perspective of the employer has received more attention the recent years, many questions are still left unanswered. 

More knowledge concerning inclusion culture in Norwegian workplaces may reduce the barriers for work participation for groups at risk of exclusion. Applying this knowledge may lead to increased work participation, increased life quality for the individual, and added value for the society at large. 

Survey and interviews

To reach this goal we will conduct a large survey and do interviews in Norwegian workplaces to find answers to questions such as: What characterizes a positive inclusion culture? What considerations do leaders make concerning inclusion of young people at risk of being excluded from work life?

Development of tools for use in the practice field

The project also has a practical side, which is to develop tools for use in the practice field, as well as connecting practitioners and academics in the effort to create a more inclusive work life. 

The project group

The project group at Uni Research Health consists of: 

Torill Helene Tveito (principal investigator)
Tonje Fyhn (project manager)
Jon Opsahl 
Magnus Odéen 

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