Microplastic RFFV

Project Department: Uni Research Environment (group: SAM-Marin - marine biology) period: 01.06.16 - 01.06.17

About the project

Research project funded by RFFV (258890), project owner : Bergen Municipality, Project leader : Uni Research Environment, SAM-Marin. Partners: Uni Research Computing and CMR.


The overall objective of the project is to establish a competence platform with standardized methods for analysis of microplastics in the environment. Our focus is on sediment analyzes from well-known benthic stations which SAM-Marin has studied in monitoring programs through forty years.

The results will also be an important step to learn more about the dispersal patterns and occurrence of micro-plastics, which can also be transferred to the national and international conditions. The project will obtain a first mapping of the dispersal of microplastic in Byfjorden,  which may help to identify and implement effective measures.

Objective1: Develop new knowledge about amounts and sources of microplastics in sediment in Byfjorden

Objective2: Develop 3D fjord model for visualization and prediction of the dispersal patterns of micro plastics

Objective3: Development of platform for cost effective and rapid screening and identification of plastic

Uni Research Environment's role: project management and coordination (Marte Haave, SAM-Marin)

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