Reports 2015 - Uni Research Computing


  • Caroletti, Giulio Nils; Barstad, Idar A Linear Model for Orographic Precipitation in meteorological and climatological downscaling. Universitetet i Bergen 2015. (ISBN 978-82-308-2595-2)
  • Haave, Marte; Bye-Ingebrigtsen, Einar; Thiem, Øyvind Alexander Strømmålinger i Sørfjorden i Hardanger. Uni Research AS 2015. 126 pages SAM e-Rapporter(15-2015)
  • Jenkins, Alastair David; Lorenz, Torge Downscaling an ensemble prediction system for ocean waves. Uni Research Computing 2015. 33 pages
  • Moe, Eli; Härmälä, Marita; Kristmanson, Paula Lee; Pascoal, Jose; Ramoniene, Meillute Language skills for successful subject Learning. CEFR-linked descriptors for mathematics and history/civics.. European Centre for Modern Languages og the Council of Europe 2015. (ISBN 978-92-871-8154-1) 76 pages