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My scientific interest is on atmospheric dynamics at all scales. I have experience on atmospheric numerical models like WRF, model verification, data analysis. Here I focus on how solar variability can affect North Atlantic and Artic climate. The tools I am using are climate models like NorESM and data analyis of observations.



Other publications

  • Tartaglione, Nazario; Orsolini, Yvan; OtterÃ¥, Odd Helge; Toniazzo, Thomas Impact of the solar and geomagnetic activity on atmospheric variables: A study with WACCM.. 2018.
  • Tartaglione, Nazario; Toniazzo, Thomas; OtterÃ¥, Odd Helge; Orsolini, Yvan Stratospheric ozone distribution and its influence on the atmospheric circulation. 2017.
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