Research Area: Energy


We investigate energy sources which are already playing a part in moving towards a low-emission society, or which currently have hidden potential. In order to do this we employ the latest measurement methods and simulation techniques in respect of geothermal, tida , wave and offshore wind power. 

This is all designed to ensure that the industry can acquire greater knowledge about the optimal placement of installations, about how production can be boosted and about how costs can be reduced.

We are constantly investigating new CO2 storage techniques in order to reduce the impact of CO2 on the climate and also secure safe, profitable solutions for companies requiring such knowledge.

In the oil and gas sector we are developing advanced reservoir models - and advanced techniques for enhancing oil recovery (EOR). For example, from old, collapsed cave passages (karst reservoirs) - in order to make the best possible use of such resources. 

We employ advanced imaging techniques for evaluating reservoir characteristics, techniques which could create a number of virtual geology applications.

We are experts in the integration of many of these techniques and types of data. We are developing advanced software in order to make virtual model interpretation and visualisation more readily available. 


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